5 Reasons to Use a Cloth Diaper Service

By Nichole


“Disposable or cloth diapers?” is a big question on many new parents’ minds. What they may not be aware of is a third option: a cloth diaper service.

Here are five reasons to use a cloth diaper service:




“Cloth diapering would be appealing if I didn’t have to clean the poop!” This is a common sentiment among new parents. Thankfully, companies such as Happy Baby Cheeks are around to offer the best of both worlds. Once a week, they come around to your home to pick up your bag of soiled cloth diapers (poop and all) and exchange it for a bag of clean ones for you to use. No mess, no fuss, no ick.


By using a cloth diaper service, you also save time and energy by not needing to have to watch for diapers to go on sale. And you never run out of diapers.


Better for the Environment 


According to Environment Canada, a child will use an average of 7,000 disposable diapers by the time they are two years old. And approximately 90-95% of babies use single-use, plastic diapers every year. This generates 7.6 billion pounds of garbage each year—enough waste to fill Yankee Stadium 15 times over, or stretch to the moon and back 9 times. Every year. Using a cloth diaper service keeps those diapers out of the landfill.


Additionally, a cloth diaper service uses commercial grade laundering equipment to wash the cloth diapers. This uses four times less water and power than washing your own diapers at home.


Better for the Baby


Disposable diapers rely on chemical products for absorption. Your baby’s skin is an organ and absorbs all harmful chemicals that are in disposable diapers, particularly since your baby wears a diaper 24/7. With cloth diapers, you will never have to question what’s in them.


Since cloth diapers cut out the chemical exposure, babies using cloth diapers generally have less diaper rash.


Better for Toilet Training


Cloth diapers are more conducive to toilet training. Babies are born with an instinct to know when they have soiled themselves. Disposable diaper companies pride themselves in keeping your baby dry, but in doing so, they train your baby to ignore their bodily functions. When it comes time to toilet training, parents have to re-teach their child the physical awareness that they originally knew in the first place! By using cloth diapers, babies remain aware of the feeling of wetness, which can lead to earlier success in toilet training.


Simplifies Cloth Diapering


There are so many types and brands of cloth diapers available out there, getting started can be completely overwhelming, especially if you need to get used to caring for a newborn. The cloth diapers offered by Happy Baby Cheeks are simple and intuitive to use – eliminating the trial and error of finding the right type of cloth diaper for your baby.


Cloth diapers also require several stages of cleaning and special rinsing and washing instructions, which can feel complicated. By using a cloth diaper service, the company takes care of all the cleaning for you. They also PH balance test the diapers at the end of the cycles and check to make sure there is no detergent residue left on the diapers, giving you peace of mind that your baby is getting the best.


About the Author

Nichole is one of the owners of Happy Baby Cheeks Cloth Diaper Service. She lives in Surrey, BC with her husband and kids




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