About us

We offer community based prenatal classes in Vancouver, BC, and have been recommended by midwives and physicians across the lower mainland since 1973.

Our classes encourage family centred maternity care.

We are an autonomous, proudly Canadian, non-profit society, pleased to offer an enriching alternative to standard prenatal education.

We are a member of the International Childbirth Education Association.


Our Philosophy

We strive to provide comprehensive prenatal classes of the highest quality.

We prepare clients by increasing their knowledge of changes in the childbearing year and enhancing their coping skills for childbirth.

By increasing their self- confidence, we help expectant parents to participate in decision-making for labour and birth in order to have a satisfying experience.

We see ourselves as advocates for clients.

We promote family-centered maternity care and work to improve the experience of childbirth for parents within the health care system.

We strive to give continuity of care in the postpartum period through informal follow-up care and counseling.


Our Goals

  • To maintain classes of excellent quality by staying abreast of new techniques and improved methods of teaching and by periodically reviewing the design and content of our program.
  • To maintain consistency of instruction while allowing individual teachers autonomy and individuality.
  • To continue ongoing recruitment of new staff: teachers and other group workers.
  • To provide support for our new and old members currently active within the organization.
  • To continue providing stimulating in-service education through group meetings, yearly workshops and conference attendance.
  • To encourage members to read and update their skills and knowledge.
  • To increase the self-confidence of our clients in a variety of ways to help them cope better with stress in childbirth and the adjustment to early parenthood.
  • To provide our clients with a balance of information and hands-on tools so they feel empowered and ready for birth and parenthood.
  • To offer an alternative style of prenatal education that helps each individual identify and achieve their own goals.
  • To promote awareness of baby’s experience as well the parents’.


The Childbearing Team

L to R (Back): Diane, Molly, Jennifer, Aleksandra, Katy; (Front) Susan & Stephanie



Childbearing Prenatal Classes

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Contact: registration@childbearing.org for rental details.


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