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Summer Newsletter Editorial: TOO MUCH STUFF

Stephanie Ondrack A CLOSER LOOK AT BABY GEAR One can go a little bonkers when it comes to baby gear. There are so many nifty gadgets and devices that seem to promise a smarter baby, a happier baby, happier parents, more sleep, more quiet, more learning, or more time. Plus, so many items are simply… Continue Reading


PINECONE PARENTING Do you ever feel stuck in parenting patterns that aren’t working? Do you ever wonder what motivates your kids to do the things they do? Is parenting fine, but you’d enjoy a deeper understanding of what goes on in your child’s head? Pinecone Parenting presents: “Smoothing out the Struggles: Practical & Useful Tips… Continue Reading


My name is Laura Robertson and I took a prenatal class with the Childbearing Society just before my oldest son was born and it was that class that first made me consider the possibility of a home birth. I just wanted to say I am so happy you are running a course specifically on this… Continue Reading

ASK CHILDBEARING: I have heard that some baby carriers are unsafe?

ASK CHILDBEARING: I have heard that some baby carriers are unsafe?

By Stephanie Ondrack Q: I have heard that some baby carriers are unsafe, and that wearing your baby the wrong way can be dangerous. Can you explain the rules to me? A: Babywearing can be a satisfying solution to meeting baby’s need to be held, while allowing yourself some much-needed hands-free time. Babywearing provides an easy… Continue Reading

Baby Gear: The Good, The Bad, The Unnecessary 

Baby Gear: The Good, The Bad, The Unnecessary 

By Sandra Poelzer What baby items do we really need? This is a question we all struggle with.  It begins in the first trimester amidst all the excitement, as we start to ponder what we might need, how we will parent, what life with baby will be like. Becoming a parent is one of the biggest events in our… Continue Reading

Gearing Up: Simply Green and Healthy

Gearing Up: Simply Green and Healthy

By Tanis Frame After over a decade spent with parents who are overwhelmed trying to navigate all the STUFF that comes with kids, and in particular trying to sort out what is green and healthy for both the planet and for their little ones, I’ve uncovered a few tidbits that may help. We are in… Continue Reading

Workshop: make your own healthy baby care products!

Did you know most commercial baby care products contain ingredients that are linked to diseases like asthma, allergies, and even cancers? Do you want to learn how to make your own safe, natural and effective baby care products? Join Iona Bonamis from A Healthy Beginning on Wednesday, June 13th, 7-9pm to learn how to make… Continue Reading


By Stephanie Ondrack A lot of baby items are marketed under the auspices of providing what babies need: what calms them, soothes, them, settles them… If you consider the function of any of these items, they all have something in common: They replicate something that baby would normally get from a parent. And the unstated… Continue Reading

Spring Newsletter Editorial: Love Thy Labour

By Stephanie Ondrack This is issue is all about labour. Often, birth is portrayed in movies and other media as a fast, dramatic cascade from waters breaking to agonized pushing; a rapid escalation fraught with peril and screaming, with the mother a victim rather than a participant. In reality, labour usually moves pretty slowly, especially… Continue Reading

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