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2017 Breastfeeding Clinics

Having breastfeeding challenges? Have questions? Come to our weekly Breastfeeding Clinics, every Monday (except holidays) from 11am – 12:30pm. The cost is only $20, which is the cheapest one-on-one breastfeeding help in town. No appointment necessary. Breastfeeding Clinics Continue Reading


Our poor library has been dwindling! We are offering a window of amnesty to anyone who has any of our books or DVD’s at home. Please return them between now and March 2017, and we will resist any finger-pointing. No fines, and no recriminations. Continue Reading

Exercise after baby; Where to Start

by Trish Gipson, Registered Physiotherapist at Envision Physiotherapy One of the main reasons new mothers come to see me at the clinic is because they are eager to get back to some sort of exercise or sport but want to do it safely. Usually women are given the “go-ahead” by their health care provider to… Continue Reading

Using Sign Language With Your Baby

By Lee Ann Steyns Have you seen your baby smile with big open eyes when you sing to them or tickle their tummy? Or noticed they scrunch up their faces when they don’t like something? Your baby is already communicating with you! Using sign language taps into babies’ natural ability to use their bodies to… Continue Reading

Playing with Baby

By Cherrie Tam With the holidays just around the corner, what toys to get for your growing baby is sure to be on the top of your mind. You know children learn through play, and that authentic play experiences are fundamental in helping kiddos learn important skills that help them grow.   But what do… Continue Reading

ASK CHILDBEARING: I am going stir crazy!!

Q: I am going stir crazy at home with my new baby. I find myself pacing in front of the window for an hour before my partner gets home from work. What can I do to alleviate this terrible monotony? A: Oh I know how that feels! I remember those days myself—feeling marooned at home… Continue Reading


This event is open to expectant and new parents, and others, including maternal health professionals, doulas and educators interested in learning more about pregnancy, birth, babies, postpartum and beyond! Each night one movie will be shown from our collection which includes some of the all time favorites such as The Business of Being Born, Orgasmic… Continue Reading

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