autumn letters


Thank you Stephanie and Jasmine for a great set of classes! We definitely learned a lot and opened up many new possibilities of how we’ll prepare for birth and postpartum. I will definitely recommend these classes to other expectant parents.

Joanne Lim


The Weekend Workshop allowed me to face the uncertainty of going into Labour 5 weeks early with confidence.  I was able to make informed decisions about the course of my labour. Thank you Aleksandra!

Katrina Friedman


Stephanie is a great facilitator. Her enthusiasm for the topics is infectious. She made us aware of so many new topics & encouraged us to investigate further & do more reading on topics that resonated & make our own decisions. Very empowering. Early on in the classes we were overwhelmed with all the information, but by the end we felt that we were more than prepared. The Childbearing Society is fantastic and I recommend your classes to all of my pregnant friends.


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