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Share our Home

Our cozy studio space is available for rent when we’re not using it! Living-room like space, complete with carpets and couches, available for rent from 8am – 5pm, Tuesdays through Fridays. Approximately 600 square feet, includes comfortable seating around the perimeter, a small kitchen, a washroom, and a wall-mounted large screen TV. Located near Trout… Continue Reading

Postpartum Group: Navigating the Fourth Trimester

Postpartum and the transition into motherhood is a highly transformational period that is rewarding, challenging and stressful all at once. Many aspects of this journey are not talked about. Many women are left wondering: Is it normal to feel sadness, anger or grief alongside love and joy? How do I let go of perfectionism and… Continue Reading

Pleasure in Birth Seminar

Pleasure in Birth Seminar

(or “Shifting the Paradigm from ‘avoiding pain’ to ‘discovering pleasure’”) Are you worried about birth being painful? Are you wondering how you will cope? What if there were ways to make the experience more positive, maybe even pleasurable? What if you could look forward to your birth with enthusiasm rather than fear? In this 4-hour seminar, we… Continue Reading

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