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“The Childbearing Society’s pre-natal course gave my husband and I the confidence we needed to feel prepared for labour and parenthood. Our instructor offered unbiased information about what to expect at every stage of labour, and helped us to understand all of our options along the way. Not only did this encourage plenty of post-class discussion between my husband and I, but it empowered us to make informed choices that were right for us, and resulted in a very positive birth experience. We would recommend this course to all expectant parents who are looking for straight-forward information in a fun and lively group environment.”

~Jill Barber (singer, songwriter) & Grant Lawrence (journalist, radio broadcaster)

“I just wanted to thank you so sincerely for teaching the course to us. At the beginning we were planning on having a hospital birth because we had multiple miscarriages before our pregnancy and were so terrified of something going wrong. However the class really helped us think about what birth meant to us and how we wanted it to go. My water broke before labour started and I was told by multiple family/friends/the internet to go into the hospital and get induced. However I remembered the exercise where we had to go through all the interventions involved in getting induced and it was very vivid in my mind. I felt the class empowered me to make a much more informed decision about what to do. In the end I delivered a healthy baby 117 hours after my water broke, at home, without any pain medication which I never ever thought I could do. The only interventions were castor oil and some issues after birth. It was the most amazing experience of my life. Anyway I am so, so thankful to you for your advice and patience and non-judgemental way of teaching such complex information. I am in awe of midwives forever now!!!”


“I just wanted to say thanks so much for offering fantastic prenatal classes. I’m a midwife in Vancouver and all of the moms who have taken your class leave feeling so confident and reassured. So much so that some moms have even chosen to have a home birth after taking the class. Thank you again for making an impact!”

~Natalie Amram
Registered Midwife

“Just thought I would let you know that we had another baby, a little girl on Dec 9th! Your handouts and notes from our pre-natal classes were our guiding voices during labour. Thanking you again! We had a lovely home birth, which took all of 25 minutes!”


(Anjali, almost 5, Juhi 21/2, Arya, 5 weeks old already!)

“The prenatal classes were awesome and I would highly recommend them to anyone having a baby. I found Aleksandra was honest and to the point and didn’t sugar coat anything which helped at time of labour. She was knowledgeable, caring and funny – we loved her and found the classes beneficial and helpful when it was time to go into labour!”

~Raveen Chung

“I wanted to thank you for your work. I enjoyed the tone of the class and the information—there’s so much I didn’t know! You’ve done a great job. Both baby and I are grateful for your dedication.”

~Paula Velazquez

“Very informative and empowering sessions. I particularly liked the suggestion of asking care givers when interventions were recommended “what would happen if we didn’t, or waited for a few more hours?” I also think it’s an essential class for partners who rarely read as much as we would like them to in preparation for childbirth. My husband was recommending to all of his expecting buddies that the class is a “must do.””

~Trish Jamieson

“Thank you for another great workshop!!  I agree and share many of your philosophies, but often have problem putting them into words and unsure if those are the “right” ways.  The knowledge and information you’ve shared helps me feel more confident and comfortable at being the mom I want to be.  Thank you!”

~Joanne Chen

“Hello, Remember those kids? They are the graduates form your Early Spring Series 2011.

We are happy to report, that everybody is doing well and we all survived the first year. There were no major hospitalizations or other drama. We (moms and babies) managed to get together once a week for a whole year and we are very proud of that. It started out in coffee shops, and once we had a bunch of crawling critters who were not interested in sitting any more, we decided to meet at our houses. It has been a wonderful year and we spent the last 2 months celebrating first birthdays. Unfortunately the real life caught up with us and all moms had to return to work, so our Monday meetings are history. But we have already a lot of alternate plans to stay in touch. We really think the kids enjoy each other and the play dates. And we adults had a chance to develop great friendships that we hope will last for a long time. And just in case you are wondering: So far there are no siblings on the way.”

We hope everybody at Childbearing is doing well!

Warm greetings from us all!

~Malcolm, Asher, Alex, Leo, Jace, Brennan and Tessa (from right to left)

“My partner and I found the home birth seminar to be very informative. We thought that a home birth aligned with our values and desires we hoped for in a birth, however we had A LOT of questions surrounding the risks and what would be involved. The informative session helped us be more confident in our decision making as we plan for our birth.”


“My husband and I attended the home birth seminar hosted by Debra at the Childbearing Society in February. We were sure we wanted to have a home birth but felt the information on home birth classes was limited. I was so happy to come across the home birth seminar by Debra and felt the seminar gave us great information on home birth, was an open and friendly environment and only made us feel more confident in our decision of having a home birth. Thank you Debra”


“Thanks for the amazing classes! I was SO NERVOUS about having two but now I can’t imagine it any other way. When I was holding them for the first time I told my doula that I feel sorry for people who only have one at a time! 🙂 (And I still feel that way ….)”

~Sarah D


“My partner and I really enjoyed attending the Home Birth Seminar. Debra was so knowledgeable, humorous, and matter-of-fact in her teaching. We learned a lot about the practical aspects of preparing for a home birth, like when to blow up a birth pool, how home birth positively affects a baby’s microbiome and the mother’s health, as well as how to get thinking about what kinds of things would make our home most comfortable during labour and delivery (lighting, scent, music, even language to be used!). This course is great for people who are curious about the ins and outs of home birth, as well as those looking for statistics and information on the safety of home vs. hospital birth (spoiler alert: they’re equally safe!). Overall, it was a great experience, and we had a really fun time with the other people attending the seminar. I highly recommend it!”

~Stephanie Black


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Childbearing Prenatal Classes
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by christina on Childbearing Prenatal Classes

My husband and I attended the Spring 2 classes. I have to say it was so much fun, and we actually looked forward to attending the classes (my husband too).

We learned so much, and best of all, the information was presented in a fun, light hearted way.

Stephanie was amazing. We loved her style of presenting. She had so much knowledge, and really made us feel prepared.

We highly recommend these classes.

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