Ecstatic Birth ™ Class

**NOTE: Classes during March, April, and probably beyond, will be offered ONLINE using ZOOM.

This 4 hour class delves into birth: the history, our cultural ideas, expectations and dominant social messages, to examine how this paradigm influences our birth experience. The class presents a cutting edge perspective for creating a new paradigm – one that has the potential for pleasure.

“Ecstatic Birth™ Class has opened lots of windows for my partner and I to discuss afterwards, and to plan for our team work during birth. The class made us think and “forced” us (in a good way) to confront our opinions (with my partner) and to confront (with myself) my own intuitions/fears/norms/expectations.” ~Nina de Saint Vincent

Through group activities, brainstorming, and investigation into their assumptions, participants will unravel their own beliefs about birth and address their fears to access awareness and understanding. Participants will gain eye-opening insights that reframe birth as an empowering and pleasurable experience. This personal exploration opens up the possibility to envision an ecstatic birth!

Topics covered:

  • How our dominant birth culture’s pain avoidance/relief approach (labour by-pass) influences your beliefs and can derail normal, healthy birth
  • How pathologizing birth and its medicalization creates the ‘nocebo effect’ and can disrupt healthy childbirth
  • Reframing: understand functional pain, shifting from fear, opening to your potential for power, potency and pleasure
  • How to access your primal birthing instincts through birthing hormones/sensations – your allies to enhance the pleasure of birthing energy
  • Sensual Expansion: use pleasure both as a holistic birthing tool and an outcome to elevate your birth experience
  • Preparation for an Ecstatic Birth: creating your birth ambiance/conducive environment that uplifts experience; disarming fears; decision making when the unexpected occurs

Are you ready to release the story of pain in birth? If so, this is the class for you. Be prepared to question everything you thought you knew! 

“This seminar was amazing! It helped me map out and come to terms with my fears from the birthing process. Afterwards, this sense of peace and confidence came over me. Whatever doubt I had was overcome by joy and excitement from the prospect of meeting my baby on my terms and in a natural way. “ Klara S.


$120 ~ Per couple, for the general public

$80 ~ Per couple, for previous/current Childbearing Society clients.

*Price too high? We aim to make our classes accessible to everyone. Please contact us about our low income rates and single mother rates.


3569 Commercial Street (south of 18th Ave), Vancouver, BC.

How to Register:

  1. Please choose the class you want to take from the list below.
  2. Once you have registered for the class you will be emailed further instructions.
  3. If you are low income, please e-mail us for instructions on how to register.
Series Day/Time/Date Notes
May 2020 - Ecstatic Birth ™ Class Saturday
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
May 30, 2020


Available spaces: 9
July 2020 - Ecstatic Birth ™ Class Saturday
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
July 25, 2020


Available spaces: 9

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