Introducing Postpartum Partner Group

We have heard from several dads and partners that they would enjoy time to meet, grab a coffee, and compare notes with some other new dads and partners. So, we are unofficially offering a casual weekly EastVan Babes Garden Octopus Wrap 1 WMmeet-up. New parents, dads, partners are welcome to meet up during our postpartum classes. While the new mothers are inside discussing baby topics, you can meet at our storefront, and either get a coffee at the corner, and/or walk around Trout Lake, or anything else you choose. You can wear your babies if they’re old enough to be away from mom for an hour, or you can leave baby with mom during the class. You can even attend if mom is not in the class that day.

We will not be organizing this, per se, but merely offering the idea and location to meet. There is no fee, and no leader. Meet ups will begin Monday October 5th, at 12:30pm, at 3569 Commercial Street. Whoever shows up can take it from there.

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