Autumn 2014 Letters

We want to thank you for leading such an awesome class these past 7 weeks. We’ve learned a world of knowledge and gained valuable insights from you that have definitely given us new perspectives. Many thanks,

Grace & Sherwin


Thank you so much for an energizing and positive Healthy Pregnancy class. I am really looking forward to classes beginning.

I left feeling so empowered and excited about my pregnancy and stayed up way too late telling my husband about things we covered in class. I know we have made a great decision to take these classes from the Childbearing Society.

Grace Partridge


Thank you for last night. The Healthy Pregnancy Course was highly informative and personally, it helped me feel less stressed about the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy (which seem highly excessive). My husband also had a great time at the dad’s course and we’re both looking forward to our weekend class series.

Aiselle Domingo



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