LETTERS Winter 2014

My partner and I really appreciated the prenatal and breastfeeding classes – both filled with quality information that was new to us, and lots of food for the heart. I’m glad you have such a well-balanced and encouraging approach.

Sarah Kift

I found the classes very helpful and have recommended the Childbearing Society to many of my friends. I especially liked the interactive exercises like the C-section re-enactment and the ice/pain exercise. Loved the baby gear rotation section and made some informed decisions based on it. The philosophy of the instructors was very well balanced – not biased toward one extreme or the other. A great group – we are still friends with a couple of the participants.


The classes prepared us incredibly well for the unpredictable nature of birth – and the range of various experiences that might occur in the process.  The post-partum sessions were also helpful in terms of equipping us with knowledge about what to do once back at home.  Very knowledgeable and approachable instructors.  A relaxed and open setting in which we could freely ask questions and explore the unknowns surrounding birthing and parenting.  We would definitely recommend the series to other new parents seeking information and support.

Olivia Bornik

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