I wanted to thank you for your work. I enjoyed the tone of the class and the information—there’s so much I didn’t know!

You’ve done a great job. Both baby and I are grateful for your dedication.


Paula Velazquez


Very informative and empowering sessions. I particularly liked the suggestion of asking care givers when interventions were recommended “what would happen if we didn’t, or waited for a few more hours?”

I also think it’s an essential class for partners who rarely read as much as we would like them to in preparation for childbirth. My husband was recommending to all of his expecting buddies that the class is a “must do.”

Trish Jamieson


Thank you for another great workshop!!  I agree and share many of your philosophies, but often have problem putting them into words and unsure if those are the “right” ways.  The knowledge and information you’ve shared helps me feel more confident and comfortable at being the mom I want to be.  Thank you!


Joanne Chen




Remember those kids? They are the graduates form your Early Spring Series 2011.

We are happy to report, that everybody is doing well and we all survived the first year. There were no major hospitalizations or other drama.

We (moms and babies) managed to get together once a week for a whole year and we are very proud of that. It started out in coffee shops, and once we had a bunch of crawling critters who were not interested in sitting any more, we decided to meet at our houses. It has been a wonderful year and we spent the last 2 months celebrating first birthdays. Unfortunately the real life caught up with us and all moms had to return to work, so our Monday meetings are history. But we have already a lot of alternate plans to stay in touch. We really think the kids enjoy each other and the play dates. And we adults had a chance to develop great friendships that we hope will last for a long time. And just in case you are wondering: So far there are no siblings on the way.

We hope everybody at Childbearing is doing well!

Warm greetings from us all!

~Malcolm, Asher, Alex, Leo, Jace, Brennan and Tessa (from right to left)

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