NEWS: New “Natural Birth” Seminar

It seems only appropriate to announce our new class on Natural Birth in this issue about labour hormones, since protecting the hormonal cascade is a key element of physiologic birth.

This new five-hour seminar, launching on Saturday August 12, will explore the conditions that are, and are not, conducive to physiologic birth—that is, vaginal birth with no medications, and no interventions (unless medically necessary). Participants will dissect the prevailing paradigm, and will delve deep into their own preconceptions, fears, and attitudes about birth. This seminar is an excellent complement to our regular prenatal Evening Series or Weekend Workshop. It is meant to be taken after prenatal classes, and not in lieu. You will leave equipped with research based knowledge of concrete steps to support the birth process, and with a new understanding of the subtle influences that can enhance or undermine your own birth experience.

Debra Woods
Course Instructor

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