Pleasure in Birth Seminar

Pleasure in Birth Seminar

(or “Shifting the Paradigm from ‘avoiding pain’ to ‘discovering pleasure’”)

Are you worried about birth being painful? Are you wondering how you will cope?

What if there were ways to make the experience more positive, maybe even pleasurable? What if you could look forward to your birth with enthusiasm rather than fear?

In this 4-hour seminar, we delve deeply into our cultural ideas and expectations around birth: the history, the anthropology, the medical science, and the social constructs. Participants will examine their own assumptions, and explore where their beliefs come from and how they influence our decisions. Graduates of this seminar will leave with a broader understanding of physiologic birth, what it entails, and how it’s shaped by our instincts and environment. 

Through this seminar, participants will clarify their values around birth and parenthood, gain insights into our birth culture, and learn practical steps to not only cope with pain, but to actually make way for pleasure. This seminar gets rave reviews from past participants. 

Be prepared to question everything you thought you knew! Be prepared to actually look forward to giving birth.

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