Childbearing Prenatal Classes

We provide comprehensive community based childbirth prenatal classes and a wide range of support services to expectant mothers and their families. All of our prenatal classes are located in Vancouver, BC.

Some online options now available! Check our schedule.

Vancouver Prenatal Classes - The Childbearing Society

Our main Prenatal Class Package focuses on Preparation for Birth and Becoming a Parent, it can be taken in either an:

  1. Evening Series
  2. Weekend Workshop

Both of these formats come with the following classes and services included in the price. Any of them can also be taken separately.

For information about each individual class see the links below.

Prenatal Classes

Evening Series 

An engaging 7 week course imparting all the basic information about birth, breastfeeding & caring for your newborn, as well as guiding you in discovering your own coping mechanisms and parenting philosophies. Highly enjoyable & jam-packed with useful information, you will learn things you didn’t know you needed to know. You will feel prepared and empowered. You will look forward to each class, and talk about the content for weeks afterward!
Pricing, Schedule, and Registration

Weekend Workshop

This dynamic course covers the same information as the evening series in a condensed format. Spend two days and one evening with other expectant parents in a fun and educational prenatal workshop.
Pricing, Schedule, and Registration

Healthy Pregnancy Class

Can be added to Evening Series & Weekend Workshop for only $10, can also be taken on its own.

A one night class for expectant mothers exploring aspects of pregnancy such as nutrition, exercise, risks, lifestyle changes, and common myths. Pregnant mothers share experiences, tips, and questions in this social and fun course. You will learn things that no books cover.
Pricing, Schedule, and Registration

Another Birth: Refresher Seminar

A rewarding four hour seminar specially designed for second (or third) time parents, including everything from birth to breastfeeding. Discover ways to reduce sibling rivalry, to help your youngsters cope with the changing family, and to connect with your new baby while maintaining your bond with the first.
Pricing, Schedule, and Registration

Home Birth Seminar

Are you considering a home birth? Whether you’re planning one yourself, interested on behalf of a friend or family member, or merely curious about why anyone would do such a thing, this 3-hour seminar is for you!
Pricing, Schedule, and Registration

Ecstatic Birth™ Class

This 4 hour class will give you game-changing insights into our birth culture and how it influences the birth you experience. The class presents a cutting edge perspective for creating a new paradigm – one that has the potential for pleasure.
Pricing, Schedule, and Registration

“Multiples” Prenatal Seminar

More than one baby? Don’t worry! This 2-hour seminar is an add-on to regular prenatal classes, specially designed for people expecting twins, triplets, or more!
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Crash Course for Dads

For new and expecting dads to talk about all the stuff dads need to talk about but are usually afraid to ask.
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Private Prenatal Classes

We also offer private instruction with the same content as the Evening series and Weekend workshops.
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Postpartum Classes

One class included in Evening Series or two in Weekend Workshop. Additional classes only $5.

Intimate circles for new parents and their babies exploring topics such as Sleep, Adjusting to Parenthood, Infant Massage, Crying & Colic, and much more. Voucher for session(s) included in the price of our prenatal classes. Additional classes are only $5 each.
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Breastfeeding Class

Included in the Weekend Workshop, can also be taken on its own.

This eye-opening two hour class is part of the weekend workshop but can also be taken on its own. Dodge breastfeeding challenges before they start. Learn breastfeeding basics, problems & solutions, and where to seek help.
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Breastfeeding Clinics

Experiencing breastfeeding challenges? Or is breastfeeding going okay but you still have questions? Come to our clinic and receive group support, and one-on-one counselling from our experienced breastfeeding mentors.
Pricing, Schedule, and Registration

*Please contact us for information on our low income rates.

About Childbearing Prenatal Classes™

We encourage family centred maternity and newborn care, a dynamic process that responds to the needs of the woman and her family. our teachers, all health professionals and parents, possess extensive training and personal knowledge of pregnancy, birth and parenting issues to ease and improve your childbearing experience.

We focus on four essential elements


We inform you about changes during your pregnancy and provide you with methods to cope with childbirth and the needs of the newborn.


Through positions and breathing techniques, we help you ease the emotional and physical stress of pregnancy and childbirth.

Comfort Measures

We demonstrate special hands-on techniques to assist you with pain relief and promote labour progress.


We encourage you to play as active part in your pregnancy, helping you work with health professionals to develop a positive beginning for your new family.

Our Vancouver Prenatal Classes have been recommended by midwives and physicians across the lower mainland since 1973.

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