Summer 2014 Letters

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I just wanted to say thanks so much for offering fantastic prenatal classes. I’m a midwife in Vancouver and all of the moms who have taken your class leave feeling so confident and reassured. So much so that some moms have even chosen to have a home birth after taking the class.

Thank you again for making an impact!

Natalie Amram

Registered Midwife




I want to thank you for accepting our low-income clients to your prenatal classes by donation.  My client was so excited and happy that she is able to attend your class this coming weekend.  I am so grateful for what you and your organization.  Thank you again!

Brenda Acosta

Outreach Worker

Burnaby Family Life’s Pre & Postnatal Services



We both felt the classes were fantastic.  The biggest benefit was the empowerment the knowledge we gained gave us.  The classes really reinforced my decision to not have an epidural and without them I think I would’ve given in and requested the drugs much sooner in my labour.

Randi West

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