Summer Newsletter Editorial: TOO MUCH STUFF

Stephanie Ondrack


One can go a little bonkers when it comes to baby gear. There are so many nifty gadgets and devices that seem to promise a smarter baby, a happier baby, happier parents, more sleep, more quiet, more learning, or more time. Plus, so many items are simply too cutesy-adorable to pass up! Trying to filter the truly necessary from the nice-to-have from the total-waste-of-money items is not easy. New parents can be easily seduced by all the gizmos and gear available, while veteran parents’ advice varies wildly from person to person. So what is a new parent to do? How do we pick our way through the endless aisles of options in any reasonable way?

This issue on Baby Gear explores these very questions. Since we are ill-equipped to endorse specific equipment, we have instead provided a few expert opinions to consider: Sandra Poelzer, former owner of Wee Ones Reruns, and Tanis Frame, owner of MamaMaven, both weigh in on what to consider when choosing baby gear. Our question of the quarter considers what to look for in a Baby Carrier. Finally, we have reprinted the results of our 2011 online baby gear preferences poll: What have our readers found to be the most, and least, useful? Read on, the answers may surprise you.

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