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Using Sign Language With Your Baby

By Lee Ann Steyns Have you seen your baby smile with big open eyes when you sing to them or tickle their tummy? Or noticed they scrunch up their faces when they don’t like something? Your baby is already communicating with you! Using sign language taps into babies’ natural ability to use their bodies to… Continue Reading

Sharing Our New Home

  As many of you know, we are now comfortably settled into our new digs at 3569 Commercial Street. But as our classes are mostly after hours, our space sits empty a lot of the time. Solution? We would love to share the room, and rent our space out to compatible groups whenever we’re not… Continue Reading

New Classes offered at our Location

My Smart Hands Baby Signing We are pleased to welcome our first guest! My Smart Hands: Baby Signing will begin parent/baby classes on 15th March. These classes, led by Aimee Sturley, will run 8 weeks (15 March – 7 May) on Thursdays at 11am: “Would you like to know a way to understand your baby… Continue Reading

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