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Milk Supply

Milk Supply

By Dr Stephanie Peltz, ND   Are you interested in breastfeeding? Did you know that learning to breastfeed is a joy for some, but an uphill climb for others? Did you know that it doesn’t come ‘naturally’ for the majority of women? I advise my patients that it can take up to six weeks for… Continue Reading

2017 Breastfeeding Clinics

Having breastfeeding challenges? Have questions? Come to our weekly Breastfeeding Clinics, every Monday (except holidays) from 11am – 12:30pm. The cost is only $20, which is the cheapest one-on-one breastfeeding help in town. No appointment necessary. Breastfeeding Clinics Continue Reading

Mammary Myths

By Shahrzad Tayebi, IBCLC   Unfortunately, we have forgotten that we are mammals.   If we had not, we wouldn’t be making breastfeeding such a dilemma. Seriously, we’re mammals. The word “mammal” is modern, from the scientific name Mammalia coined by Carl Linnaeus in 1758, derived from the Latin mamma (“teat, pap”). All female mammals… Continue Reading

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