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Dear Childbearing,   Thanks for the excellent prenatal classes. I liked that we had the option to watch birth videos for 15 minutes before the start of each class. I also enjoyed the ways in which the material was presented, particularly the use of dummy body parts to illustrate the process of birth, and that… Continue Reading


My name is Laura Robertson and I took a prenatal class with the Childbearing Society just before my oldest son was born and it was that class that first made me consider the possibility of a home birth. I just wanted to say I am so happy you are running a course specifically on this… Continue Reading

News Winter 2015

Over 5 years ago, in June 2010, we met each other through your Postpartum classes. Thought you’d like to know we’ve remained friends all these years. Here’s our annual Halloween party pics for every year since 2010. Thanks so much for offering those classes! – Jasmine Mengede Continue Reading

LETTERS Summer 2015

The prenatal weekend workshop at the Childbearing Society was wonderful. My husband and I both really enjoyed it. We enjoyed being in the cozy space and meeting other couples. Our instructors used lots of visuals and also got us up and moving. They gave practical advice and presented all information. Jasmine was wonderful. She did a… Continue Reading

LETTERS Spring 2015

“The Childbearing Society was a life-saver for us. As first time parents we were scared and overwhelmed. We had many questions that needed answers. We were looking for support, and for knowledgeable people who could educate us through the pregnancy and the birth of our son. We found that and more in our prenatal classes;… Continue Reading

LETTERS Winter 2014

My partner and I really appreciated the prenatal and breastfeeding classes – both filled with quality information that was new to us, and lots of food for the heart. I’m glad you have such a well-balanced and encouraging approach. Cheers, 
Sarah Kift I found the classes very helpful and have recommended the Childbearing Society to… Continue Reading

Autumn 2014 Letters

We want to thank you for leading such an awesome class these past 7 weeks. We’ve learned a world of knowledge and gained valuable insights from you that have definitely given us new perspectives. Many thanks, Grace & Sherwin   Thank you so much for an energizing and positive Healthy Pregnancy class. I am really… Continue Reading

Summer 2014 Letters

The Childbearing Society welcomes your feedback! Feel free to drop us a line anytime.   I just wanted to say thanks so much for offering fantastic prenatal classes. I’m a midwife in Vancouver and all of the moms who have taken your class leave feeling so confident and reassured. So much so that some moms… Continue Reading

Spring 2014 Letters

The Childbearing Society welcomes your feedback! Feel free to drop us a line anytime.   Hi Stephanie, Thank you again for putting on such a great class.  It was an invaluable experience for us. Fiona and I feel a lot better about what’s coming our way. Ken Harris The prenatal classes were wonderful.  Even though… Continue Reading

Winter Letters 2014

Dear Childbearing, Not sure if I mentioned at our prenatal course that not only would Steve and I be expecting our own little one, but that I was anticipating being at the birth of a friend’s baby in early January. Well, due to poor health and other issues, my friend had not been able to… Continue Reading

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