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Fitness Dos and Don’ts for Pregnancy

By Ben Stanford There are a lot of misconceptions out there about how physically active pregnant women can and should be. As a soon-to-be mama, you might be a little worried to go full tilt on your normal fitness routine – you’re carrying precious cargo, after all! Below, we spell it out simply, and offer… Continue Reading

Mammary Myths

By Shahrzad Tayebi, IBCLC   Unfortunately, we have forgotten that we are mammals.   If we had not, we wouldn’t be making breastfeeding such a dilemma. Seriously, we’re mammals. The word “mammal” is modern, from the scientific name Mammalia coined by Carl Linnaeus in 1758, derived from the Latin mamma (“teat, pap”). All female mammals… Continue Reading

Newborn Myths Revealed

By Bonnie Davis As a new parent you may feel bombarded with information about babies from many different sources, the Internet, books, other parents, and grandparents! Sometimes it’s challenging to know what is accurate and helpful. Here are 7 popular newborn myths debunked!   Myth #1: At birth the newborn’s brain is fully developed just… Continue Reading

Myth Management for Beginners

by Sandra Vander Schaaf   We’ve come to think of myths solely as pernicious lies that misinform, mislead, and cause mayhem. These myths are the fools and bad guys that need to be disarmed before they do any more damage. They can be put in their place with a careful and studied application of facts… Continue Reading

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