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Postpartum Lessons from a Cat

By Stephanie Ondrack As many of you know, I foster cats for an animal shelter. Usually I get pregnant cats, whom I care for during pregnancy, birth, and kittenhood, until the whole family is ready to wean and become eligible for adoption. But due to the current forest fires raging through BC, the shelter has… Continue Reading

Diastasis Recti Abdominis

By Kerry Longia   It would be hard to dispute that the human body changes in many ways during pregnancy. Most of the changes happen for reasons of a biological nature, and are an expected and often welcomed part of the process of bearing a child.   There is a category of changes that are… Continue Reading

5 Tips For Postpartum Nutrition

by Carley Mendes You’re well aware that your new addition has robbed you of a full nights sleep, but did you know that pregnancy and breastfeeding could also seriously rob your body’s nutrient stores? After pregnancy, you are more susceptible to anaemia, osteopenia, fatigue and depression. A balanced postnatal diet is crucial for your health. During… Continue Reading

Just the Facts, Ma’am: The Minefield of Parenting Choices

By Stephanie Ondrack While pondering this newsletter’s theme, “Choices in Parenting”, I have been realizing what a political minefield this topic can be. Obviously, choices can be weighty and political in themselves (just bring up the issue of circumcision at a dinner party to experience a truly volatile topic), but the very concept of ‘choice’… Continue Reading

The Postpartum Exercise Green Light

By Lori Shenher Congratulations on your new – or not so new – addition to the family! Like most women who’ve recently given birth, you may have questions about what activities are okay and which should be approached with caution. Aside from a few words of caution below, you are free to get back to… Continue Reading

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