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Spring 2013: Third Stage

EDITORIAL Once your baby is born, the birth seems to be over. Parents hold their new baby, exhausted and relieved, engrossed and amazed, utterly entranced and focused, and are often perplexed when their caregiver asks mum to give one more small push. What on earth for? This is the third stage of labour: the birth… Continue Reading

ASK CHILDBEARING: What are my options for umbilical cord cutting?

Question: What are my options with regard to the timing of cutting the umbilical cord? Answer: There are four main approaches to cord cutting. Immediate cord clamping (now sometimes called ‘premature’ cord clamping): This entails clamping and cutting the cord immediately after the baby is born, before the cord has stopped pulsing. This practice became… Continue Reading

Focus on: Third Stage Labour

The placenta is a fascinating organ that we grow exclusively to support the developing baby, and then we release it, as soon as the baby no longer requires its services. You can read more about it here: http://www.mothering.com/community/a/the-amazing-placenta Most people give little or no thought to the fate of this alimentary organ, and many placentas… Continue Reading

You Want Me to Eat What???

Placenta Ingestion: What, How, and Why By Michaela Evanow CD(DONA), PBi-CPES Placenta Encapsulation is a growing in popularity each month. As more and more mothers hear about the wonderful benefits of the placenta, and grow to appreciate this miracle that they grew themselves, they feel a strong urge to use the placenta in the most beneficial way, instead… Continue Reading

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