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Winter Newsletter Editorial: Twins- Double your Fun!

Winter Newsletter Editorial: Twins- Double your Fun!

by Stephanie Ondrack   Double your pleasure, double your fun! But also sometimes double the feeding challenges, the tears, the health concerns, and the all-nighters. Every aspect of having a new baby is multiplied with twins, from the good to the bad, the exhausting to the exalting. Generally speaking, the learning curve is steeper, and… Continue Reading

Wouldn’t Change a Thing

By Jessica Lin   On October 10th, I went into my obstetrician’s office at 12:00pm for a membrane sweep (I was 37 weeks and 4 days and my obstetrician wanted to induce by 38 weeks). When my obstetrician did the cervical check, I was already 4cm dilated but I didn’t feel any contractions. She did the… Continue Reading

Keeping Twin Birth Normal

by Jennifer Landels   I didn’t find out I was having twins until thirty-six weeks into my pregnancy. How on earth could I not know until then?   Well, it was my second pregnancy, so the extra tiredness and nausea I put down to the work of keeping up with a three-year-old. I measured bang-on… Continue Reading

It Gets Better

It Gets Better

By Jennifer Landels   When I found out, at 36 weeks of pregnancy, that I was having twins, I burst into tears.   They were not tears of joy. Not only did I have to throw my carefully planned homebirth out the window, I was gripped by fear. I already had a three-year-old, and knew how much… Continue Reading

Bringing Home Twins!

By Katy Thomson Coming home from the hospital is a big moment for all of you. For your babies, it is the start of their relationship with a place and people that will become increasingly theirs to explore, enjoy and bond with. For you, it is the start of your independent life as a family… Continue Reading

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