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PINECONE PARENTING Do you ever feel stuck in parenting patterns that aren’t working? Do you ever wonder what motivates your kids to do the things they do? Is parenting fine, but you’d enjoy a deeper understanding of what goes on in your child’s head? Pinecone Parenting presents: “Smoothing out the Struggles: Practical & Useful Tips… Continue Reading

Winter Newsletter Editorial: Twins- Double your Fun!

Winter Newsletter Editorial: Twins- Double your Fun!

by Stephanie Ondrack   Double your pleasure, double your fun! But also sometimes double the feeding challenges, the tears, the health concerns, and the all-nighters. Every aspect of having a new baby is multiplied with twins, from the good to the bad, the exhausting to the exalting. Generally speaking, the learning curve is steeper, and… Continue Reading

Wouldn’t Change a Thing

By Jessica Lin   On October 10th, I went into my obstetrician’s office at 12:00pm for a membrane sweep (I was 37 weeks and 4 days and my obstetrician wanted to induce by 38 weeks). When my obstetrician did the cervical check, I was already 4cm dilated but I didn’t feel any contractions. She did the… Continue Reading

Keeping Twin Birth Normal

by Jennifer Landels   I didn’t find out I was having twins until thirty-six weeks into my pregnancy. How on earth could I not know until then?   Well, it was my second pregnancy, so the extra tiredness and nausea I put down to the work of keeping up with a three-year-old. I measured bang-on… Continue Reading

It Gets Better

It Gets Better

By Jennifer Landels   When I found out, at 36 weeks of pregnancy, that I was having twins, I burst into tears.   They were not tears of joy. Not only did I have to throw my carefully planned homebirth out the window, I was gripped by fear. I already had a three-year-old, and knew how much… Continue Reading

Bringing Home Twins!

By Katy Thomson Coming home from the hospital is a big moment for all of you. For your babies, it is the start of their relationship with a place and people that will become increasingly theirs to explore, enjoy and bond with. For you, it is the start of your independent life as a family… Continue Reading

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