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Labouring on Labour Day

By Laura Robertson I had always secretly dreamed of having a home water birth. I’d seen the pictures of new mothers serenely birthing at home, free of all the apparatus of a hospital. However, I thought that since I was older and this was my first baby, birthing in a hospital was the safer option.… Continue Reading

Just the Facts, Ma’am: The Minefield of Parenting Choices

By Stephanie Ondrack While pondering this newsletter’s theme, “Choices in Parenting”, I have been realizing what a political minefield this topic can be. Obviously, choices can be weighty and political in themselves (just bring up the issue of circumcision at a dinner party to experience a truly volatile topic), but the very concept of ‘choice’… Continue Reading

SLEEP, SWEET SLEEP: The Risks of Sleep Training

By Debra Woods Western society’s parents are being misled – told that infants and toddlers should ‘sleep through the night’. Contrary to this belief, it’s completely normal for newborns and infants to wake at night, and often! They don’t have the capacity to sleep for long stretches, nor should they be made to. New parents… Continue Reading

LETTERS Winter 2014

My partner and I really appreciated the prenatal and breastfeeding classes – both filled with quality information that was new to us, and lots of food for the heart. I’m glad you have such a well-balanced and encouraging approach. Cheers, 
Sarah Kift I found the classes very helpful and have recommended the Childbearing Society to… Continue Reading

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