tried and true infant sleep tips

JJJJJBabies need parenting at night, but we need our sleep too! Here are some tried and true tips from other parents on how to get the most sleep without compromising baby’s nighttime needs:

  • Sleep When Baby Sleeps: But we mean really, do it. No really. Instead of trying to catch up on e-mail or dishes, just head back to bed for baby’s first nap or two of the day. Don’t even get dressed until you’ve had at least 6 hours sleep—not consecutive hours, perhaps, but total.

  • Take Turns. Can partner take baby for a couple hours in the morning so mom can get a bit of uninterrupted sleep? When baby’s hungry, just bring baby back.

  • Enlist Reinforcements: This is a great way to make use of grandma, best friend, or helpful neighbour. A trusted person can play with baby for an hour while you catch up on sleep.

  • Go To Bed Earlier: Way, way earlier, of you need to. This doesn’t have to be every night, but if you’re particularly exhausted, try turning in crazy early (8pm? 6pm?) just until you feel human again.

  • Lower Your Expectations: Do less. Don’t plan morning activities. Enjoy leisurely breakfasts with lots of coffee. Lower your standards of housework and personal productivity. They’re already low? They can go lower, its okay.

  • Do Relaxing Things: What relaxes you? Bubble baths, watching movies on TV, reading, tea with friends…you can do most of these things while feeding your baby (multitasking!)

  • Surrender: A certain amount of fatigue is normal when you have a baby. You will be tired no matter what. So you can be tired and frustrated, or just tired. Your choice. (Another parenting choice)

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