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Longtime Childbearing Society instructor and treasurer, Molly Eitzen, welcomed her third son, Avi Granite Moskowitz, into the family early on August 4th after a whirlwind of a labour.

Molly reports:  My water broke around 3:15 in the morning with no sign of contractions. Because I had elected to have antibiotics after testing positive for GBS we called the midwife to do a dose of antibiotics and then I was planning on going back to bed. By the time she finished my IV around 4:30 I was having contractions six minutes apart and things progressed rapidly from there. Avi was born at 6:10 in the morning. There was a shoulder dystocia (after the birth of the head the shoulders get stuck on the pubic bone) and then a 5 plus minute resuscitation that was probably the most terrifying experience of my life.  While the midwife was giving him oxygen he lay between my legs where I could rub him, talk to him and most importantly provide him with oxygen through the umbilical cord. He was breathing by the time my house was overrun by paramedics but because of the length of the resuscitation we were treated to an ambulance ride and then had to spend 24 hours in hospital being observed. Poor Avi had his share of pokes over the course of the day but all things appeared normal and we got to go home early the next morning. On the plus side we were never separated, got the best possible care during and after birth right in our home, and have been able to spend time with our new family of five since then.



Three brothers: Avi, George & Kale

Three brothers: Avi, George & Kale


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