We’re Mammals

We’re Mammals

By Shahrzad Tayebi, IBCLC, CST

Humans are classified as mammals ; species distinguished by the mammary glands and ability to breastfeed  and yet you might ask why are there are so many challenges in this physiological function? Well to begin with, let me reassure you that not all women around the world have as many challenges as western women do. Why? Because in many cultures, women don’t question their body’s ability to feed their babies and they have confidence that their babies know how to do it, just like all other mammals do. Have you ever doubted that a puppy can breastfeed? Then why is the baby of the most intelligent species having so many issues? Maybe because we don’t trust them as much as we trust a puppy for this!!

In my 18 years of experience as a midwife back home in Iran, I didn’t have anywhere close to the number of clients I’ve had in five years here in Canada as a Lactation Consultant. For this reason, I’ve decided to make an educational video on breastfeeding that emphasizes on the baby’s capability to breastfeed and prove how the less mom does in this physiological function, the better. In all mammals, babies do the latching not the moms! our babies can’t run to us like a puppy does, but if they’re in their habitat and have the freedom to move and adjust their body, they will have the best latch and thrive.

To no surprise, my video is called “We’re Mammals”. It should be ready by early 2019.

If anyone is interested in taking part in this video, please contact me at info@mamamilk.ca

Shahrzad Tayebi, IBCLC, CST




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