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A doula will help you & your partner to stay informed & supported from pregnancy to birth to the postpartum period. They will work to promote a sense of trust & closeness between you & your partner(s), and foster an atmosphere of support throughout your time together.


Your doula will help you & your partner(s):


  • to know when & how to time your contractions, & when to take a break from timing.
  • to understand what is happening
  • to stay focussed, so you can hear what your body is telling you to do
  • by fetching water, snacks, a hot pack, essential oils or the birth ball, so your partner can stay by your side
  • with suggestions for helpful strategies when sensations become stronger, or you are feeling overwhelmed
  • to decide when to call the midwife to attend or when to leave for the hospital
  • with gentle, comforting touch, massage, & other physical supports for the labouring mom
  • to be at your best throughout the birth by staying rested, well-fed, & supported
  • get your birth pool set up & taken down
  • navigate & interpret the medical side of birth
  • plan your preferences for the precious minutes & hours immediately after birth
  • find your community as new parents
  • connect with the resources you need prenatally & postpartum
  • to believe in yourselves, however your path unfolds


Aimée Sturley is a massage practitioner, baby signs teacher, & owner of Adar Birth Pool & TENS Rentals.

She is also a doula & has been loving her work for more than ten years & over 300 amazing births. She works in a team with Aleksandra Henderson.

Together they provide parents with warm & informed support throughout pregnancy, labour, birth & the postpartum period. They take pride in helping parents to connect with their communities & to develop a sense of confidence in their own abilities.

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