Winter Newsletter Editorial: Twins- Double your Fun!

Winter Newsletter Editorial: Twins- Double your Fun!

by Stephanie Ondrack


Double your pleasure, double your fun! But also sometimes double the feeding challenges, the tears, the health concerns, and the all-nighters. Every aspect of having a new baby is multiplied with twins, from the good to the bad, the exhausting to the exalting. Generally speaking, the learning curve is steeper, and the need for extra hands greater, but there are also joys specific to multiples, such as the unique bond they form with each other. And of course with two babies, those moments of pure parental delight, when your baby first smiles at you, or laughs for the first time, or says something uncanny and hilarious…these heart-swelling moments happen twice as often.

For this issue on twins, it seems appropriate to include doubles: two birth stories, two questions of the quarter, and two articles about living with twins. We hope the birth and baby stories resonate, and that the tips are useful, whether you have one, or two, or even three, babies.

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