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O Sleep

By Jennifer Landels “O Sleep! it is a gentle thing, beloved from pole to pole” Samuel Taylor Coleridge may well have been writing about new parents rather than ancient mariners when he penned that line. I doubt there’s any topic that receives more weary coverage at parent-infant drop-ins. Should your baby be sleeping through the… Continue Reading

SLEEP, SWEET SLEEP: The Risks of Sleep Training

By Debra Woods (originally posted 2014/12/22) Western society’s parents are being misled – told that infants and toddlers should ‘sleep through the night’. Contrary to this belief, it’s completely normal for newborns and infants to wake at night, and often! They don’t have the capacity to sleep for long stretches, nor should they be made… Continue Reading

tried and true infant sleep tips

Babies need parenting at night, but we need our sleep too! Here are some tried and true tips from other parents on how to get the most sleep without compromising baby’s nighttime needs: Sleep When Baby Sleeps: But we mean really, do it. No really. Instead of trying to catch up on e-mail or dishes,… Continue Reading

An Imperfect Session with the Munchkins

By Shane Heins (originally posted 2014/01/07) “Wouldn’t it be nice, to get up in the morning at your leisure? To lounge in bed for an hour before getting up? Then get out in the fresh air and go for a walk or run. Then to come home and take a relaxing shower. Have a bite… Continue Reading

ASK CHILDBEARING: How do I wash cloth diapers at home?

Q: We’re considering purchasing cloth diapers for our baby. How exactly do you wash cloth diapers at home? A:Washing cloth diapers at home is super easy. There are many methods, but I will explain the very simple, very popular, dry-pail approach. Simply toss used diapers into a dry diaper pail (“dry” meaning its not full… Continue Reading

The Case for Cloth

By Barbara Mooring Having a baby and becoming parents is about the most beautiful and rewarding thing in the world. With it also comes a lot of work, effort and responsibility. Being a parent will also, very often, stretch your personal limit. But it also offers a lot of room for personal growth. Once you… Continue Reading

Diaper Free!

By Charlotte Watson What would you say if you told you that I never had to potty train my children? That from when they were six months old, I could probably count on one hand how many poopy diapers I had to change? Most people’s responses to this, range from inspiration to disbelief, followed often… Continue Reading

My Adventures in Lazy Diapering

By Stephanie Ondrack When weighing diaper options, few parents are aware that one of the choices is to use no diapers at all. Commonly referred to as “Elimination Communication” or “E.C.”, this approach to baby’s bodily waste involves skipping the diaper stage altogether. Imported from other countries, and originally a fringe movement locally, this bare-bottomed… Continue Reading

Cloth, Paper, Starkers: The choices for baby’s behind

Disposable Diapers Pros Easy Portable Highly absorbent Leaks are rare Cons Most expensive of all options Chemicals on baby’s skin Can cause diaper rash Tendency to leave them on too long Bad for environment Delays potty training Cloth Diapers Pros Less expensive (especially if you wash your own) Can be re-used with subsequent babies Environmentally… Continue Reading

“Is it a Boy or a Girl?”

Intersex Babies: Who They Are and What They Need From Us by Trish Garner   Throughout any pregnancy there’s one question that people keep asking. Some parents find out before the birth, others wait for the surprise. Either way, I’m sure most imagine they will find out for sure on the day of the birth.… Continue Reading

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