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Keeping Twin Birth Normal

by Jennifer Landels   I didn’t find out I was having twins until thirty-six weeks into my pregnancy. How on earth could I not know until then?   Well, it was my second pregnancy, so the extra tiredness and nausea I put down to the work of keeping up with a three-year-old. I measured bang-on… Continue Reading

Vicki’s Birth Story

Vicki’s Birth Story

By Vicki Hsieh   Preamble In the 28th week of my pregnancy, a month before Christmas, and much to my annoyance, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It aggravated me that I could no longer stuff my face with overgenerous slices of cake at the end of a long day. It irritated me even more that… Continue Reading

Trusting My Instincts

by Jocelyn Wagner   Our labour/birth journey of our first child was not what I originally imagined. I originally envisioned labouring and giving birth naturally at home with our midwives, ideally using a birthing pool, unless things got unsafe or I needed pain relief. However, the “home birth” part of this dream was modified quite… Continue Reading

Labouring on Labour Day

By Laura Robertson I had always secretly dreamed of having a home water birth. I’d seen the pictures of new mothers serenely birthing at home, free of all the apparatus of a hospital. However, I thought that since I was older and this was my first baby, birthing in a hospital was the safer option.… Continue Reading

Being Open, Come What May

Contractions started on June 9. Geoff was up with me all night, but I have to admit we were like deer in a headlight. He had called our doula to give her the heads up, and the following morning he called her to come over. We laboured at home, and she gave us many great… Continue Reading

Constant Comfort When Plans Change

By Jen Bain The decision to hire a birth doula was absolutely paramount to my birth experience, though I couldn’t have known it when we first set out to make our birth plan. Like every expectant parent, my partner and I wanted the best for our first birth, our firstborn, and his first entry into… Continue Reading

Fenya’s Birth Story

On Monday night (3rd day past due), after spending the day on a long walk, an acupuncture appointment and prenatal fitness, my water broke. I expected labour to begin shortly after, so C stayed home from work Tuesday. In anticipation of having a home birth we got all the last things ready: the laundry, cleaned… Continue Reading

High Risk Home Birth

By Varya Rubin I am one of the lucky ones: I have a positive birth story to tell. If I had stayed within the purview of conventional medicine, things may well have turned out differently. When I got pregnant with my first child, my husband and I wanted to allow the birth to unfold naturally,… Continue Reading

Welcome Avi!

Longtime Childbearing Society instructor and treasurer, Molly Eitzen, welcomed her third son, Avi Granite Moskowitz, into the family early on August 4th after a whirlwind of a labour. Molly reports:  My water broke around 3:15 in the morning with no sign of contractions. Because I had elected to have antibiotics after testing positive for GBS we called… Continue Reading

Honour’s Birth

By Teresa Howell   We would like to introduce our beautiful baby girl to this world. Her name is Honour Zoria Rain Howell-Smith. We love the name Honour and her two middle names are for our mothers: Zoria- which is my mom’s middle name and it means star in Ukrainian and Rain- which is short… Continue Reading

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