Dear Childbearing,


Thanks for the excellent prenatal classes. I liked that we had the option to watch birth videos for 15 minutes before the start of each class. I also enjoyed the ways in which the material was presented, particularly the use of dummy body parts to illustrate the process of birth, and that during each class we had the opportunity to brainstorm questions as a group or split into smaller sub-groups. There was always time for a comfort measure activity that we could practice, and that was truly helpful. The instructor’s enthusiasm for the topics under discussion was tangible and contagious, and we truly enjoyed the fun, informative ways in which she presented the material. We always learned something new, and found that the things we were learning helped to reinforce our values regarding parenthood. We’re so glad we took this series of classes!

Graduate of the Spring 5 Series


Dear Childbearing,


The Weekend Workshop totally helped Derek and I get into the right mindset about labour and postpartum. We were thinking of going in and just experiencing it and doing what is suggested by our medical practitioner, but now we feel way more engaged and informed. We also are doing more research as our instructor said to do. I feel more in control of this pregnancy. Derek feels much more ready as a new dad, and feels like he had been “put into the game” as a supporting role, not just someone “on the sidelines” (his words). Everything was great


Graduate of the July A Workshop

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