Ready or not, here she comes!

My wife Kemi had been having Braxton Hicks contractions from very early on, so in a sense, she was in gentle labour for many months. She had been taking supplements, eating really well, reading voraciously, and watching videos on birth that helped us feel that this was a very natural process. I don’t know what really caused the process to unfold in the ideal way that it did, but after this amazing experience I am convinced my wife is a super woman and as a result I now have 2 super children.

She woke up around 4:30am having what seemed like another  Braxton Hicks.  Ten minutes later, her water broke and she calmly told me to wake her Mom (a trained nurse who has delivered countless babies in her day).

I woke Nanny Vonnie at 4:45am, then ran out and back for the garden hose, trying to figure out how I was going to fill the birth pool. We still thought we had time. There was no need to call the midwife since contractions were still more than 5 minutes apart, so not yet active labour.

I also had a stopwatch in my hands, which I came to realize is basically useless when you are trying to wrestle with a garden hose.

At 4:55am, it was suddenly a different situation. I knew how much the water birth meant to my wife and all I could think was that she was not going to get it because of me. I was paging the midwife with the garden hose still wrapped around my neck, hyperventilating, when I heard Kemi call, “Mom catch the baby!”

HUH?! I detangled myself from the garden hose and threw down the birth pool instruction manuals to run to our washroom. There I found my wife and mother-in-law holding our beautiful new baby. Completely surreal.

One contraction and one push and the beautiful Victoria Rose was out in the world. She opened her eyes right away, made a few peeps and was breast-feeding almost instantly. She focused on us (seemed like she smiled when she met her big sister later in the day), started feeding and hardly cried at all in those first hours.

When the midwife called me back at 5:05am, she too was shocked when I told her Kemi had just given birth to our baby. It definitely wasn’t as planned but things could not have unfolded in a more ideal manner.

Victoria Olaide Madison Rose Mathers weighed 6 lbs 9 oz’s. Olaide is her Nigerian name and it means, “treasure is on its way.” We just didn’t realize “it will be there in 5 minutes!”

Mike and Kemi Mathers are grateful to the Childbearing Society for preparing them for their journey to parenthood. Kemi is a registered  holistic nutritionist  while    Mike focuses   on   addictions  counselling  and delivering parenting workshops. Together they have a dream of helping those less fortunate through their nutritional supplement company: http://enroll. myunivera. com/

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