Spring 2014 Letters

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Hi Stephanie,

Thank you again for putting on such a great class.  It was an invaluable experience for us. Fiona and I feel a lot better about what’s coming our way.

Ken Harris

The prenatal classes were wonderful.  Even though I wasn’t able to use any of the birthing positions during my labour I did find a lot of the other information helpful, especially learning about what my baby needed immediately following the birth.  She had lots of skin-to-skin contact & my husband stayed with her while she was being examined.  Learning about the growth spurts was also very helpful.  I signed up for the postnatal classes & have found them both informative & a great environment to be in.

Tara Wojtaszek


My husband and I really enjoyed the classes and felt they prepared us for the unpredictable event of birth. Aleksandra did an excellent job of teaching all the possible scenarios in labour and birth and enforcing the notion that you can only go into the experience with ideas and knowledge and not a hard plan – which we thought was great advice. She presented all options in a non-judgmental way and left it up to us to figure out what options we would be comfortable with should the time come.


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