LETTERS Spring 2015

“The Childbearing Society was a life-saver for us. As first time parents we were scared and overwhelmed. We had many questions that needed answers. We were looking for support, and for knowledgeable people who could educate us through the pregnancy and the birth of our son. We found that and more in our prenatal classes; our fears started to disappear as we attended the classes and we became more confident thank you to our wonderful instructor. With The Childbearing Society we had a group of experts with the most recent information available to us. Without a doubt our experience as parents to be to be would not have been as satisfactory if it wasn’t for the support of Stephanie and The Childbearing Society.”




“These were by far the most intense and knowledge-based classes of any that I have researched or heard about through friends. I know that if I had not been through the Childbearing Society classes I would have ended up having a c-section due to pressure at the hospital. Your classes gave us options and the commitment to follow through. Now, at 9 months post partum, we still find ourselves talking about the classes and the resources you shared as we move through new stages, from rolling over to solid food. In particular, the great discussions about breastfeeding have helped so much. Breastfeeding has created such a wonderful bond, and a happy baby.


And my partner wants to add: “the techniques for fathers to help through labour were incredibly valuable. I was a strong and confident partner through the birth process and loved the role I could play for mama and baby. I wouldn’t have had the capacity for that without those classes. Even now, the tips for papas re: holding, comforting are still helpful.” “


Kristin Foster



“We loved the classes. They suited us very well and provided a wonderful alternative to much of the literature and other classes/sessions that seem to de-emphasize attachment and focus on making birth and parenting a fearful and authority-dominated experience. We both very much prefer to have a lot of high quality information so that we can make our own decisions and feel in control and these classes provided us with what we needed! They were a great compliment to the care and info that we received from our midwives. Thank you very much!!”




“Last night’s Healthy Pregnancy Course was an amazing class. I came home bursting to tell hubby all my new info. 

You do a great job facilitating this class. I would recommend this class to everyone pregnant.”

Thank you,




“I am continuing to refer first time mothers who are interested in prenatal classes to your organization.  There have been a couple mothers that have been through your classes and they were so pleased, and appreciated all the information and support your workshop gave them. And also I am grateful for your understanding of their barriers. I want to once again say thank you for the support you offer our clients.”

Warmest regards,


Brenda Acosta, Outreach Worker

Burnaby Family Life’s Pre & Post Natal Services

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