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By Stephanie Ondrack A lot of baby items are marketed under the auspices of providing what babies need: what calms them, soothes, them, settles them… If you consider the function of any of these items, they all have something in common: They replicate something that baby would normally get from a parent. And the unstated… Continue Reading

Not Enough Hands!

By Kerry Longia One thing I wasn’t expecting before having a baby was how much I would be using my hands and arms. The arms were a shelf for nursing, a cradle for rocking. The hands were swiping newborn poop and fiddling with tiny snappers. At some point, maybe around six months postpartum, I noticed… Continue Reading

The Pursuit of Proximity

By Pat Currie When asked to write about attachment and infants I decided to prime my thoughts about this time of my life by watching home videos of the birth and early months of my children’s lives. Surprisingly, it wasn’t in the videos where my thoughts on attachment and infants started but it was in… Continue Reading

Babies Remember!

  By Bonnie Davis Did you know that up until 1986, surgeries were routinely performed on babies without anaesthetic? The most common were intestinal and heart surgeries requiring the most invasive surgical techniques in existence. It was thought that babies were barely conscious and didn’t really feel anything, so it didn’t matter what happened to… Continue Reading

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