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Independent workshops happening in our space this fall: PINECONE PARENTING Do you ever feel stuck in parenting patterns that aren’t working? Do you ever wonder what motivates your kids to do the things they do? Is parenting fine, but you’d enjoy a deeper understanding of what goes on in your child’s head? Pinecone Parenting presents:… Continue Reading


Dear Childbearing,   Thanks for the excellent prenatal classes. I liked that we had the option to watch birth videos for 15 minutes before the start of each class. I also enjoyed the ways in which the material was presented, particularly the use of dummy body parts to illustrate the process of birth, and that… Continue Reading

Older Kids at a Birth

If you are considering having your child attend your second birth, here are a few tips to improve the experience. Arrange to have someone on site dedicated to looking after your older child. He will need full time care from a loving and trusted adult who is able to stay with him, and attend to… Continue Reading

Paving the Way for Siblings

Paving the Way for Siblings

By Katy Thomson Having another child can bring many changes to a family. Preparations for a new baby can take a lot of parent’s time and/or emotional energy. After the baby is born, much of the family’s attention revolves around caring for the newborn, much as it did when their first child/children were born. The challenge comes… Continue Reading

Surviving Siblings: One Parent’s Reality

Surviving Siblings: One Parent’s Reality

By Charlotte Watson As I sat down to write this post, I decided to start with a nostalgic trip through photos of my two children together. My trip through rose-tinted glasses down memory lane where children looked all angelic and sweet was soon interrupted. I was thrown back into reality by my 8-year-old and 6-year-old playing… Continue Reading

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