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Older Kids at a Birth

If you are considering having your child attend your second birth, here are a few tips to improve the experience. Arrange to have someone on site dedicated to looking after your older child. He will need full time care from a loving and trusted adult who is able to stay with him, and attend to… Continue Reading

Spring Newsletter Editorial: Love Thy Labour

By Stephanie Ondrack This is issue is all about labour. Often, birth is portrayed in movies and other media as a fast, dramatic cascade from waters breaking to agonized pushing; a rapid escalation fraught with peril and screaming, with the mother a victim rather than a participant. In reality, labour usually moves pretty slowly, especially… Continue Reading

Chiropractic Care for Labour

Chiropractic Care for Labour

Dr. Stephanie Bonn,DC,FICPA A woman’s spine and pelvis undergo many changes and adaptations to compensate for her developing infant in each trimester of pregnancy. Previous stresses and injuries (years at a workstation or athletic injuries) as well as present physical, mental and chemical stressors can cause imbalances in her nervous system which may cause symptoms… Continue Reading


Aimée Sturley   A doula will help you & your partner to stay informed & supported from pregnancy to birth to the postpartum period. They will work to promote a sense of trust & closeness between you & your partner(s), and foster an atmosphere of support throughout your time together.   Your doula will help… Continue Reading


By Debra Woods For support persons attending births there are numerous comfort measures to assist labouring women. Although birth is a natural healthy process, it can be challenging and women do much better when those around them can provide comfort.   Penny Simkin’s 3 R’s – ‘Relaxation, Rhythm and Ritual’ is a powerful combination to… Continue Reading

Labouring on Labour Day

By Laura Robertson I had always secretly dreamed of having a home water birth. I’d seen the pictures of new mothers serenely birthing at home, free of all the apparatus of a hospital. However, I thought that since I was older and this was my first baby, birthing in a hospital was the safer option.… Continue Reading

Healthy Spines for Happy Moms

Pregnancy and childbirth is a natural process with many exciting changes from conception until the birth of your newborn. Postpartum, your body continues to adapt to support your infant. Though natural, these changes can cause pain and strain on your body, and in some cases, chiropractic care can ease the physical stresses during your pregnancy,… Continue Reading

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