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My Adventures in Lazy Diapering

By Stephanie Ondrack When weighing diaper options, few parents are aware that one of the choices is to use no diapers at all. Commonly referred to as “Elimination Communication” or “E.C.”, this approach to baby’s bodily waste involves skipping the diaper stage altogether. Imported from other countries, and originally a fringe movement locally, this bare-bottomed… Continue Reading

Cloth, Paper, Starkers: The choices for baby’s behind

Disposable Diapers Pros Easy Portable Highly absorbent Leaks are rare Cons Most expensive of all options Chemicals on baby’s skin Can cause diaper rash Tendency to leave them on too long Bad for environment Delays potty training Cloth Diapers Pros Less expensive (especially if you wash your own) Can be re-used with subsequent babies Environmentally… Continue Reading

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