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Summer Newsletter Editorial: TOO MUCH STUFF

Stephanie Ondrack A CLOSER LOOK AT BABY GEAR One can go a little bonkers when it comes to baby gear. There are so many nifty gadgets and devices that seem to promise a smarter baby, a happier baby, happier parents, more sleep, more quiet, more learning, or more time. Plus, so many items are simply… Continue Reading

Spring Newsletter Editorial: Love Thy Labour

By Stephanie Ondrack This is issue is all about labour. Often, birth is portrayed in movies and other media as a fast, dramatic cascade from waters breaking to agonized pushing; a rapid escalation fraught with peril and screaming, with the mother a victim rather than a participant. In reality, labour usually moves pretty slowly, especially… Continue Reading

Autumn Newsletter Editorial: Mama Care

Autumn Newsletter Editorial: Mama Care

Mothering the Mother After Baby Arrives By Stephanie Ondrack Many of us spend our entire pregnancy anticipating the upcoming birth of our baby, but somehow our vision fades out there—right after the birth itself. Once we’ve come through this experience, we often find ourselves the shell-shocked guardians of a new baby, one who is with us… Continue Reading

Summer Newsletter Editorial: The Highs & Lows of Labour Hormones

Summer Newsletter Editorial: The Highs & Lows of Labour Hormones

By Stephanie Ondrack, assistant editor We have long known that the same hormone behind orgasms also causes uterine contractions in labour: oxytocin. But recent studies of this fascinating hormone reveal that it is responsible for far more than has ever been suspected. The Karolinska Institute’s work suggests that oxytocin may be a major player in infant… Continue Reading

Issue 30 Spring 2013: Third Stage

EDITORIAL Once your baby is born, the birth seems to be over. Parents hold their new baby, exhausted and relieved, engrossed and amazed, utterly entranced and focused, and are often perplexed when their caregiver asks mum to give one more small push. What on earth for? This is the third stage of labour: the birth… Continue Reading

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