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Newborn Myths Revealed

By Bonnie Davis As a new parent you may feel bombarded with information about babies from many different sources, the Internet, books, other parents, and grandparents! Sometimes it’s challenging to know what is accurate and helpful. Here are 7 popular newborn myths debunked!   Myth #1: At birth the newborn’s brain is fully developed just… Continue Reading

SLEEP, SWEET SLEEP: The Risks of Sleep Training

By Debra Woods Western society’s parents are being misled – told that infants and toddlers should ‘sleep through the night’. Contrary to this belief, it’s completely normal for newborns and infants to wake at night, and often! They don’t have the capacity to sleep for long stretches, nor should they be made to. New parents… Continue Reading

Babies Remember!

  By Bonnie Davis Did you know that up until 1986, surgeries were routinely performed on babies without anaesthetic? The most common were intestinal and heart surgeries requiring the most invasive surgical techniques in existence. It was thought that babies were barely conscious and didn’t really feel anything, so it didn’t matter what happened to… Continue Reading

Question of the Quarter: Should I Swaddle my Newborn?

Question: Should I swaddle my newborn? I have heard conflicting things.   Answer: Swaddling babies used to be routine practice. It was a way of helping agitated babies calm down and settle when they were separated from their mothers. Since babies used to be kept in nurseries, removed from the loving arms and warm bodies… Continue Reading

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