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ASK CHILDBEARING: What about Sleep?

Q#1: I am 23 weeks pregnant and I am so tired! Is it normal to be so tired? Should I let myself rest as much as I want?   A: Congratulations on your pregnancy! Pregnancy can be hard work, and can be very tiring indeed. Sometimes you feel like you need to sit down and… Continue Reading

O Sleep

By Jennifer Landels “O Sleep! it is a gentle thing, beloved from pole to pole” Samuel Taylor Coleridge may well have been writing about new parents rather than ancient mariners when he penned that line. I doubt there’s any topic that receives more weary coverage at parent-infant drop-ins. Should your baby be sleeping through the… Continue Reading

SLEEP, SWEET SLEEP: The Risks of Sleep Training

By Debra Woods (originally posted 2014/12/22) Western society’s parents are being misled – told that infants and toddlers should ‘sleep through the night’. Contrary to this belief, it’s completely normal for newborns and infants to wake at night, and often! They don’t have the capacity to sleep for long stretches, nor should they be made… Continue Reading

tried and true infant sleep tips

Babies need parenting at night, but we need our sleep too! Here are some tried and true tips from other parents on how to get the most sleep without compromising baby’s nighttime needs: Sleep When Baby Sleeps: But we mean really, do it. No really. Instead of trying to catch up on e-mail or dishes,… Continue Reading

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