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Diastasis Recti Abdominis

By Kerry Longia   It would be hard to dispute that the human body changes in many ways during pregnancy. Most of the changes happen for reasons of a biological nature, and are an expected and often welcomed part of the process of bearing a child.   There is a category of changes that are… Continue Reading

The Low-Down On Doulas

By Jessica Austin  photo by Morag Hastings appleblossomfamilies.com More and more families are choosing to use doulas for added support during childbirth. Many midwives and doctors are also strongly encouraging their clients to hire doulas. While doulas are becoming increasingly common, a lot of people still have questions about what exactly a doula does and… Continue Reading

SUMMER 2014 Childbearing News

Here, There, and Everywhere We are branching out. Childbearing Society is pleased to be offering prenatal classes at a bunch of new locations, as well as our usual locations. We can now be found in North Vancouver, near Granville Island, on Bowen Island, as well as our familiar two locations in east Vancouver. Check our… Continue Reading

Constant Comfort When Plans Change

By Jen Bain The decision to hire a birth doula was absolutely paramount to my birth experience, though I couldn’t have known it when we first set out to make our birth plan. Like every expectant parent, my partner and I wanted the best for our first birth, our firstborn, and his first entry into… Continue Reading

Birth Through My Eyes as a Doula

By Michelle MacLean I am not like every doula.   But I hope I share the same views on birth as others.   I have attended all types of births. Home, water, hospital, cesareans, hands off and highly medicalized, and the unintentional homebirth. Over 800 births and all of them different and so unique yet… Continue Reading

Summer 2014 Letters

The Childbearing Society welcomes your feedback! Feel free to drop us a line anytime.   I just wanted to say thanks so much for offering fantastic prenatal classes. I’m a midwife in Vancouver and all of the moms who have taken your class leave feeling so confident and reassured. So much so that some moms… Continue Reading

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