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Sharing Our New Home

  As many of you know, we are now comfortably settled into our new digs at 3569 Commercial Street. But as our classes are mostly after hours, our space sits empty a lot of the time. Solution? We would love to share the room, and rent our space out to compatible groups whenever we’re not… Continue Reading

LETTERS Summer 2015

The prenatal weekend workshop at the Childbearing Society was wonderful. My husband and I both really enjoyed it. We enjoyed being in the cozy space and meeting other couples. Our instructors used lots of visuals and also got us up and moving. They gave practical advice and presented all information. Jasmine was wonderful. She did a… Continue Reading

5 Tips For Postpartum Nutrition

by Carley Mendes You’re well aware that your new addition has robbed you of a full nights sleep, but did you know that pregnancy and breastfeeding could also seriously rob your body’s nutrient stores? After pregnancy, you are more susceptible to anaemia, osteopenia, fatigue and depression. A balanced postnatal diet is crucial for your health. During… Continue Reading

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