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News Winter 2015

Over 5 years ago, in June 2010, we met each other through your Postpartum classes. Thought you’d like to know we’ve remained friends all these years. Here’s our annual Halloween party pics for every year since 2010. Thanks so much for offering those classes! – Jasmine Mengede Continue Reading

“Is it a Boy or a Girl?”

Intersex Babies: Who They Are and What They Need From Us by Trish Garner   Throughout any pregnancy there’s one question that people keep asking. Some parents find out before the birth, others wait for the surprise. Either way, I’m sure most imagine they will find out for sure on the day of the birth.… Continue Reading

Baby Led Weaning

Solid Foods: Letting Baby Lead the Introductions by Kerry Longia   When we talk of introducing solid food to babies, many of us may make instant associations with spoons, purees, mashing and jars. Some of us might think of struggles with feeding, confusion over portion sizes and nutritional balance, and maybe even food sensitivities and… Continue Reading


Q: Question of the Quarter: Our son has just turned two, and is going through a very challenging phase. I would like to understand more about toddler/young child emotional development and/or ‘tantrums’.   Answer: One way to think of tantrums is that toddlers go through an emotional growth spurt at around age 2, but they… Continue Reading

The Other “L” Word

By Cameron Phillips Remember dating? Remember the early courtships—the excitement, the titillation and eventually the feeling that you were really falling for someone? I can recall a lot of those relationships. And I can recollect the anxiety around whether to use the “L” word or not. I am the first to admit I grew up… Continue Reading

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