The Case for Cloth

By Barbara Mooring

Having a baby and becoming parents is about the most beautiful and rewarding thing in the world. With it also comes a lot of work, effort and responsibility. Being a parent will also, very often, stretch your personal limit. But it also offers a lot of room for personal growth.

Once you have welcomed your baby into the world you will adjust to a new life almost overnight as you find yourself caring for a newborn around the clock. One thing that will keep you very busy and on your toes is changing diapers. Regardless of whether you use disposables or cloth diapers, changes must be often to avoid diaper rash from ammonia reacting with baby’s skin.

Hopefully you will opt for cloth diapers and reap many of its benefits. It is admirable to use cloth diapers and will give you a sense of pride.

With cloth diapers, especially prefolds, you can do creative diapering.

What is creative diapering?

Creative diapering means you are using what you have available in any given moment to diaper your baby. With prefold diapers this works extremely well. Use two diapers like a blanket underneath baby and cover baby up while you prepare the diaper. Not only are you ensuring that baby does not pee on you, if you have a boy, or in either case, any small little mess can easily be cleaned up. Cloth diapers are so soft, they feel comforting to the touch and you are reassured that baby will be swaddled into something cozy.

Prefolds can also be used as burp cloth or, in the event that you have leaking issue, you can double up on pre-folds and very quickly your problem is resolved.

One way of making things easier for yourself and to help you work through some chaos you may be experiencing is to have a diaper service set up before baby arrives.

Saucy Bottoms Cloth Diaper Service is one of the diaper services that exists in the Vancouver area. They give you a tutorial showing you how to use prefolds. With their service you get everything you need to diaper your baby, pick up dirties and deliver fresh supplies twice a week and ensure that you have no problems with diapering. You can be free to use as much as you need and do creative diapering as well. It will save you time, energy, and money and give you a content baby.



Saucy Bottoms Cloth Diaper Service is a greater Vancouver area based diaper service that will help make life easier. We provide everything you need to diaper baby with: unlimited amount of organic cotton diapers, choice of covers, liners, baby wipes, snappi, diaper pail and pick up twice a week. We will also give you a tutorial with set up and show you how to use the diapers. Once you have your baby we will ensure that everything is working well for you and you can enjoy your first two weeks for free.

Please visit our website at for more detailed information, watch the clips or give us a call at 604-826-4475 to have your questions answered.
Please visit our website at for more detailed information, watch the clips or give us a call at 604-826-4475 to have your questions answered.


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