Winter Letters 2014

Dear Childbearing,

Not sure if I mentioned at our prenatal course that not only would Steve and I be expecting our own little one, but that I was anticipating being at the birth of a friend’s baby in early January. Well, due to poor health and other issues, my friend had not been able to attend her own prenatal course and the doula was not able to get there in time – so I was the birth coach for the whole process!
Thank you SO MUCH to Aleksandra! Everything was super fresh in my mind. I was able to explain everything that was happening, why she felt she was needing extra support, what questions she could ask if she didn’t understand a proposed procedure, that lots was happening with her cervix even when she wasn’t seeing progress with dilation, breathing during contractions as opposed to during pushing, to use her contractions as her friend in the pushing, and why on earth the doctor was pummeling her stomach after baby was born. Also, as grandma didn’t speak English well, I could also explain what was put in baby’s eyes. The doctors and nurses all thought I must have been a professional doula and were all shocked when I said I was an accountant!  I say it was just good teaching that just came back to me as I needed it.
I think you all will do just as well as long as you keep Aleksandra’s words fresh in your mind! Steve and I had done no pre-reading before the course (I didn’t even really know what a placenta was beforehand) and the course gave me everything I needed to know, so don’t stress – you’ll all do great.

Louise Toews


We just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful experience and extensive knowledge. We looked forward to class every Wednesday and you two, Katy & Alana, were a huge part of that. You created a safe, welcoming space and we were super thankful for that!

All the best,

Marcie and Brad Larsen-Fossen

The classes were great! I like that they covered a range of topics from preparing for birth to breastfeeding and the discussion on pain vs suffering really helped me through labour.

Lindsay Yuasa

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